Ligature Resistant Lever Handle – Mortise #DH420

Product Description

This ligature resistant mortise latch set meets ADA standards by eliminating the operational requirement “pinch and grasp motion”.  The lever handle’s stationary position is horizontal, but rotates freely up or down (bidirectional) to allow slippage of any ligature device in an attempt to tie or wrap over the top or under the bottom of the lever.  The escutcheon plate is sloped at a low profile, from the door to the lever handle itself, to eliminate any further ligature points, and maintains extremely tight tolerances.  The latch set is handed, and accommodates a door thickness of 1-3/4″.  The escutcheon and lever handle is constructed of solid stainless steel, and is being offered in a satin stainless steel finish. 

This mortise latch set can be ordered in wide variety of functions (see Functions pdf), but we recommend either the deadbolt, bathroom/privacy, or passage functions for the behavioral/psychiatric environment. All three functions allow free egress for the patient at all times in order to meet safety/fire code compliance and allow the outside lever handle to rotate freely even when the latch or deadbolt is locked. Also, with any of these three functions, a single action (turning the inside lever) throws the deadbolt and latch for free egress, which eliminates having to turn a thumb-turn or coin-turn in junction with turning the lever handle (double action). 

  • High quality stainless steel components
  • Meets or exceeds all performance testing of ANSI A156.13 Grade 1 mortise locks
  • Integral part of your Health/Safety and Accident Prevention programs
  • Mortise is UL listed for a 3 hour fire door
  • Clutching mortise
  • Clutching function can be activated for I/S and/or O/S levers
  • Outside clutching lever to protect lock against abuse and allow free rotation
  • Variety of mortise functions available to fit your unique security and safety requirements
  • Heavy duty escutcheon and sectional trim available
  • Handing field reversible
  • Small Format 6 or 7 pin Interchangeable Core (SFIC) available
  • 32D Finish

Technical Resources

  • Functions Sheet

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