Behavioral Safety Products not only offers an array of valuable ligature resistant products, but qualified consulting services as well. From the planning and design phase to renovations or additions of existing or new facilities, we seek to provide expert survey and evaluation services. Our aim is to present facilities with optimal mitigation plans (as attorney client privileged information) for the safest, most functional, and aesthetically pleasing behavioral health environments. Recognizing that each facility is dynamically different, our team utilizes a case-by-case problem-solving approach that emphasizes continual collaboration with our clients. One of the primary strengths of BSP is our non-generic approach to evaluating the safety risks of fixtures and hardware in patient accessible areas. Whether by telephone support or on-site assessments, Behavioral Safety Products will help you decrease safety issues and increase risk control. Our product line supports a wide array of suicide prevention components for existing or new facilities in the design or construction phase. Because existing facilities differ greatly in design and as-built component specifications, we often recommend a trial of one product per risk with input from our staff to help find the best fit for your facility.

With over 41 years of first-hand field experience, BSP aims to orchestrate the best possible services and product solutions to meet your facility’s needs.