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Behavioral Safety Products announces the release of their new patented, TM265 Ligature Resistant Universal Wall Fixture Cover.

The TM265 provides a face and function that the behavioral industry has not yet offered. The new TM265 is much like the TM260 Thermostat Cover but has a significantly greater footprint to cover larger wall fixtures. The TM265 can cover wall fixtures, such as electrical outlets, cable connections, O2 connections, light switches, and electrical or HVAC controls. The TM265 can be mounted both vertically or horizontally.

Designed with a clean, modern aesthetic sloped faces and sides to minimize ligature points, the TM265 Universal Wall Fixture Cover has specially designed air circulation openings allowing unrestricted airflow while ensuring resistance to possible ligature. When installed with the included hardware and lined with pick-free caulk, the unit’s base fits snugly against the wall and discourages ligature. Constructed of resilient 1/8″ polycarbonate for abuse resistance, the TM265 is incredibly tough and durable. The TM265 unit includes mounting hardware and can be retrofitted to existing rooms or installed in new facilities.

For more information on the TM265 Ligature Resistant Universal Wall Cover, visit our website or contact our sales team! To learn more about Behavioral Safety Products, visit to learn more about us and our mission.