About Us

Company Statement

We seek to serve as a single source of suicide prevention safety products for the behavioral-psychiatric industry, assisting facilities in providing the highest degree of safety, functionality, and aesthetically pleasing environments for patients.

Our Goal

Behavioral Safety Products specializes in producing exclusive ligature resistant building products. In this ever-evolving industry, BSP continues to forge ahead and innovate to stay ahead of the curve to meet the new challenges our industry faces every day. On a daily basis, we work one on one with facilities, architects, and engineers to be front- runners by problem solving as new safety issues arise. We strive to design, develop, and manufacture products that are technically sound, aesthetically pleasing, and economically viable for your behavioral healthcare safety needs. BSP relies on guidelines and input from The Joint Commission in our endeavor to provide products that are pertinent to the current demands of the behavioral/psychiatric industry. We emphasize embracing ethics and professionalism by furnishing sound technical advice based on more than 41 years of field experience. BSP provides rapid access to critical products as facilities face steady increases in patient acuity and greater difficulty in patient monitoring. It is our goal to equip our customers with an integration of engineering input, product support, and knowledge from field experience that will assist you with your facility.

Company Background

Lee deLoache, Co-Founder of Behavioral Safety Products (BSP), is a Mechanical Engineer and began his behavioral/psychiatric health career in 1982 with McDevitt & Street (the largest building contractor in the nation at that time). His career in the industry started when he was project manager constructing two psychiatric hospitals from 1982 to 1984. From 1984 to 1999, Mr. deLoache was the Senior Executive Director of Design and Construction for CBHS, which was the largest behavioral system in the nation where he helped develop over 75 of the 100 hospitals. During his 15 year tenure at CBHS Mr. deLoache had the opportunity to monitor reports and emails of each incident/event which involved the physical plant. With his strong background in design, construction, and managerial oversight, Mr. deLoache has provided private consultation services to behavioral health facilities nation wide from 1999-present. As a professional in the industry, he observed the need to provide plant operations personnel, corporate safety departments and design professionals with a single source for proven safety products, leading him and David deLoache to found BSP in 2008. David deLoache Co-Founder of BSP has a B.S. in Environmental Engineering from the University of Georgia. Daily, and on a case-by-case basis, David is directly involved with behavioral industry clients across the nation to problem solve their unique situations with cost effective, state of the art solutions, providing safer patient environments. Together, David and Lee analyze the behavioral industry needs and develop products that meet or exceed those needs. Both have been well received by the industry with their compatible skill sets.