Ligature Resistant Continuous Gear Hinge w/Hospital Tip– Mortise Mount #DH430

Product Description

This ligature resistant continuous mortise mount gear hinge replaces the traditional hinges found on a door (which can be used to self-inflict harm). This type of hinge is primarily used when the hinge must be mortise mounted onto the door and door frame. This type of hinge offers additional reinforcing to the frame and door. It’s continuous design greatly reduces the opening that would be exposed with the traditional three hinges. The hospital tip also helps prevent using the upper edge of the hinge as a tie off point. Supports a door that weighs up 200 lbs., and is available in a clear aluminum finish and five lengths: 79″, 83″, 85″, 95″, 119″.  For 1-3/4” doors with equal leafs (DH430), also available with 1/8” inset, one leaf shorter (DH431).  See DH430 & DH431 submittal sheets below. Comes standard with self tapping wood and metal tamper resistant screws.

  • Concealed
  • For new construction/existing doors
  • For renovation with new doors and/or frames
  • Will cover butt hinge cutouts in old frames
  • Flush Mount, no inset
  • For doors up to 200 lbs.
  • Field cut as needed per specifications

Technical Resources

  • Specifications for DH430
  • Schematic for DH430
  • Installation Instructions for DH430
  • Specifications for DH431
  • Schematic for DH431
  • Installation Instructions for DH431

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