Ligature Resistant Soap Dispenser #SD750

Product Description

Our ligature resistant soap dispenser is all metal construction with a rounded, smooth-edged design which lends aesthetically and practically to the behavioral environment. The solid mounting base provides a platform for easy installation in any location (e.g. shower, bathroom wall, hallway). The unit accepts the 1250 ml cartridge of the most widely used soap product in healthcare facilities and can be changed out in seconds. Soap, foaming soap and anti- bacterial can all be utilized. The one-handed activation of the rounded knob delivers a measured amount of soap for less excess on areas below and easy cleanup. Facilities have embraced this unit with great anticipation and top reviews. Overall dimensions are 7-7/8”W x 12-3/8”H flange and 5-1/16”D.


  • All exterior metal construction
  • All exposed finish surfaces are powder coated
  • Soap dispenser mounts directly to the wall
  • Front cover is secured by mounting lock with positive engagement
  • Includes keyed locking device to allow quick access for soap replacement
  • Dispenser accepts 1250 ml Gojo soap cartridges (i.e. anti-bacteria, body wash, etc.) · Cartridges can be easily replaced
  • Flanged edge engages with front cover
  • Tamper Resistant Screws used for mounting

Technical Resources

  • Spec Sheet
  • Installation, Maintenance, & Operation

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