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BSP’s Product Highlight Sheet

BSP is a single source of suicide prevention safety products for the behavioral-psychiatric industry, offering the highest degree of safety, functionality, and aesthetically pleasing environments for patients.

Image Credit: ALPA construction

Ligature Resistant Art Frame – AF650 #AF650

Art Frame
Ligature Resistant Art Frame
Our AF650 Ligature Resistant Art Frames meet the challenge of displaying artwork in mental health settings, while maintaining the safety of both patients and staff.

Ligature Resistance
Designed to deter ligature
  • Wooden frame with radiused compound Edges that mount flush to walls using specialized wall anchors.
  • Art is protected by a Lexan Class “A” fire-rated polycarbonate barrier
  • Frame backing is made of Sintra, a dense material
  • Rigid framer points are used to secure the artwork within the frame
  • Frame includes predrilled, recessed mounting holes for concealed anchors, spaced to strategic locations to help create a tight seal around the edge of the frame to the wall.
    • A 24 “x 36” Guardian frame can withstand 1,500 pounds of downward force
Available in 3 standard sizes but can also be custom-made and crafted to most size requirements.
25″x29″ Frame Size
16″x20″ Image Size
29″x39″ Frame Size
20″x30″ Image Size
33″x45″ Frame Size 24″x36″ Image Size
Choose from over 20,000 art options
Pick from our extensive catalog or use your own artwork.

To see the full selection of art, check out the gallery of images:

Product Description

Product Description

The new AF650 Ligature-Resistant Art Frame meets the challenge of displaying artwork in mental health settings while maintaining the safety of both patients and staff.

Both abuse-resistant and tamper-proof, the AF650 is constructed out of a wooden frame with radiused compound edges that mounts flush to walls using specialized wall anchors. The art is protected by a Lexan Class “A” fire-rated polycarbonate barrier. The AF650’s backing is a dense material known as Sintra backing, and rigid framer points are used to secure the artwork within the frame. The frame has predrilled, recessed mounting holes for concealed anchors (included in packaging) spaced to strategic locations to help create a tight seal around the edge of the frame to the wall.

The AF650 comes in three standard sizes but can also be custom-made and crafted to most size requirements.

The frames come in four color options: cherry, mahogany, natural, and walnut.

These frames were designed in conjunction with VA interior designers and can be found in many VA facilities across the United States.

With over 20,000 images available in our internal library that you can select from, our customers will have the ability to create an aesthetically pleasing AND ligature-resistant safe area.

Available Sizes

  • Image Size of 16″x20″ with Frame Size of 25″x29″
  • Image Size of 20″x30″ with Frame Size of 29″x39″
  • Image Size of 24″x36″ with Frame Size of 33″x45″


  • Three standard sizes
  • Four frame color options (Cherry, Mahogany, Natural, Walnut)
  • Art selection of 20,000 images
  • Compound radius edges and corners eliminate sharp edges and help prevent ligature
  • Custom heavy-duty fasteners are hidden underneath tight-fitting plugs
    • A 24 “x 36” Guardian frame can withstand 1,500 pounds of downward force
  • Flush, gapless mounting prevents pushing or pulling of artwork to dislodge it

Art Selection Instructions

  1. Visit to create an account.
  2. You can search our 20,000 images by:
    1. Use the search bar at the top to identify pictures that might be suitable for your project; or
    2. Check out our curated galleries by clicking on the folder titled “A1-RAO Suggested Collections”.
    3. You can also check out a smaller collection in the “Behavioral Health Artwork Suggestion” file at the bottom of this page.
  3. When you find one or more images you like, create a “Favorites” Folder or Collection and drag them over to save them.
  4. When you have finished making selections, please email to let us know.
  5. If you need any assistance, you can email or call 706-705-1500.

Enjoy your ligature resistant artwork for years to come. To see how we can implement this product in your facility, contact our sales team today!

Installation Instructions

Before you start:

  • 2-people are required for standard size frames. 3-people are needed if the frame is larger than 40″ x 40″
  • Review the Hilti Toggler instruction sheet, here
  • Allow 30-60 minutes per frame installation

Steps to a successful installation :

  1. Locate the position of the frame on the wall. Typically, the center of artwork (measuring top to bottom) should be 60″ from the floor.
  2. After the approximate location has been determined on the wall, use a stud finder and pencil to note the locations of the studs.
  3. Return the frame to the wall and adjust it, if needed, to avoid hitting a stud. Ensure the frame is level.
  4. While one person holds the frame tight against the wall, a second should use a pencil with a sharp tip to mark the center of each hole around the perimeter of the frame.
  5. Remove the frame from the wall and place it to avoid getting dirty from the drilling in the next step.
  6. Drill all the previously marked locations with a 1/ 2″ diameter drill bit. PRO Tip: Have the second person use a vacuum to remove the sheetrock dust while drilling for an easier time with clean-up.
  7. Inspect the drilled holes and ensure any insulation or other debris in the wall is clear so that the Hilti toggler bolt can open and seat properly.
  8. Insert (1) Hilti Toggler into each hole per the Hilti Toggler direction sheet hyperlinked above.
  9. Have one person place the Guardian Frame on the wall aligning the holes in the frames with the holes in the Hilti Toggle bolts, while the second person inserts a screw at the top left and top right of the frame. Do not fully tighten these initials screws. Allowing them to be loose makes it easier to insert the balance of the screws.
  10. Insert but do not fully tighten the rest of the screws.
  11. Place a level on the frame, and while one person keeps the frame level, the 2nd person should begin tightening all the screws around the perimeter of the frame.
  12. Check to ensure the entire frame is flush with the wall. If you cannot get a particular area flush to the wall and the gap is less than 1/8″, use a pick-free caulk or sealant to fill the gaps. If the gap is greater than 1/8″, then remove all the screws and determine the cause of the gap.
  13. Once the frame is attached flush to the wall, use a rubber mallet to insert the matching flush plugs around the perimeter of the frame
    PRO Tip: Line up the grain of the plugs with the grain of the wooden frame by rotating the plug until you see the best result.


Our Recent Testimonials

  • David Bean CHFM, FMP

    Assistant Director Corporate Facilities, Behavioral Hospital Division
    Behavioral Safety Products “BSP” is one of the preferred vendors for UHS ligature resistant products. I have worked with David DeLoache and his team over the past 13 years, utilizing many of their products within our facilities. They are continuously evaluating the challenging needs of the behavioral environment and creating new products to meet our hospital needs.

    Amber Siegfried, LPC, CBIS

    Assistant Director
    Tulsa Center for Behavioral Health
    Oklahoma Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services
    I am pleased to share with you and your team that we have had a highly positive experience with BSP. Your team has been very patient and responsive to our questions, our mistakes and our needs. Many of the products involved very specific details and the team at BSP went above and beyond to explain each specification and double check my work. We greatly appreciate all you have done for us and I’m sure will continue to do!
  • Jason Terranova

    I greatly appreciate the assistance the team at BSP has provided us throughout the course of design and into construction. You have been very patient with what may have seemed like never-ending questions. I find it invaluable to have vendors, such as BSP, who are patient, thorough, and take the time to understand our project needs. Vendors like you keep owners and architects happy and ultimately help make the project a success.

    Chief Executive Officer

    Banner Health
    The team at Behavioral Safety Products has been a terrific partner in our efforts to update our older behavioral health inpatient units. Many of the units have dated spaces that have odd fixtures and required retrofitting to be installed. They have helped us on multiple projects and even worked with their distributor to speed up delivery time in order for us to meet internal deadlines. BSP has been a pleasure to work with and a great resource for our facilities team.