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Behavioral Safety Products now offers a new Ligature Resistant Toilet Paper Dispenser, the TR230. 

The need for toilet paper is a constant one. Keeping rolls stocked while maintaining a safe patient environment can be a challenge for any facility. Behavioral Safety’s new Ligature Resistant Toilet Paper Dispenser can help keep a facility safe while helping to ease maintenance issues.

The TR230 polycarbonate ligature resistant toilet paper dispenser is designed to accommodate standard or “jumbo” (308 2 ply sheets) rolls of toilet paper with a center pull design. This dispenser is made up of a “bottom housing” assembly, which supports the paper roll. The bottom housing is designed to be wall mounted. A “cover” assembly is pivotally mounted to the base housing and includes the outlet intended to dispense the toilet paper.

The TR230’s integrated lock increases the safety capability. It ensures that the cover and base are secure when in use and allows for ease of refill. The viewing window allows for staff inspection to ensure the holder is always adequately stocked. Finally, a corrosion resistant metal hinge pin couples the bottom housing and cover together, and allows for the cover to swing open for reloading of the dispenser.

Behavioral Safety Products draws from its forty-four years of experience in the behavioral healthcare built environment to design its exclusive ligature-resistant building products. We continue to innovate to meet the new challenges that the industry faces and strive to develop technically sound, aesthetically pleasing, and economically viable products for behavioral healthcare safety.

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