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Behavioral Safety Products is proud to announce the release of their new Ligature Resistant Shower Head, the SH340.

With mental health issues continuing to rise across the U.S. population, it’s even more essential to make sure facilities have effective equipment to keep patients safe while in their care. With a unique pivoting head, Behavioral Safety’s SH340 can direct the water stream up and down to allow for full coverage with varying patient heights.

This showerhead has a 2-inch spray face with 42 spray channels, and is made of brass with a polished chrome-plated exterior. It also has an integral water conservation pressure compensating autoflow device, which reduces flow to 1.75 GPM/6.62LPM maximum, exceeding the California title 20 Efficiency Standard. Improved water force is made possible by more efficient water channeling, providing a satisfying shower experience and reducing consumption. It can be mounted to the front of a wall.

Behavioral Safety Products draws from its forty-four years of experience in the behavioral healthcare built environment to design its exclusive ligature-resistant building products. We continue to innovate to meet the new challenges that the industry faces and strive to develop technically sound, aesthetically pleasing, and economically viable products for behavioral healthcare safety.

To learn more about Behavioral Safety’s newest showerhead, click here.

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