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A new study shows that people with mental disorders may feel physical pain more acutely and be less able to cope with it. As a result, people with anxiety and depression use a disproportionate amount of painkillers.

Researchers estimated that 7.2 million of the 38.6 million people with anxiety and depression took opioids and adults with mental disorders were much more likely than people without them to use prescription opioids — 18.7 percent vs. 5 percent.

Studies also show that nearly 19 percent of the estimated 38.6 million people with those two most common mental health disorders received at least two prescriptions for opioids during a year.

So why is this happening? Findings show that it may be the mental disorder is affecting how the patient is rating the physical pain. So when a primary physician asks someone with a mental disorder to gauge his or her pain on a scale of 1-10, the answer is higher than the answers from patients without mental disorders. The study shows the direct link between mental disorders and physical pain. This study again verifies the need for a more integrated health care approach between primary care and mental health care. The patient needs to be treated as a whole – both mentally and physically – because one affects the other.

At Behavioral Safety Products, we understand the need for facilities to find safety products that are convenient, proven, and safe for patients. Behavioral Safety Products uses design processes which specifically create behavioral environments that are soothing to the patient and allow them to feel “at home” while in a state of treatment and recovery. This study will be published online in the Journal of American Board of Family Medicine.

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BSP has created a toilet paper holder that functions like the one in your home, but is ligature resistant while accepting a standard size roll. The old “can” style recessed toilet paper holders can create an unsanitary environment whereby the patient has to remove and replace the entire toilet roll upon each use. The old units also present a much greater risk of using the toilet roll to stop up the toilet or litter the bathroom. The spring-loaded holders inside BSP’s #TR740 allow the roll to be installed easily and then permit the roll to move freely once installed. This design improves the sanitary conditions by reducing the amount of handling of the roll. If a patient were to try to use the toilet roll as a ligature point, the spring-loaded holders release, and attachment or wedging is eliminated. Front-mounted for ease of installation with the recessed holes accepting fasteners appropriate for the structure behind the unit. Designed to fit existing 4” cavity over drywall. Composed of stainless steel with exposed surfaces in a powder coated white finish. All corners are welded, ground, and pre-drilled for mounting.

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The Joint Commission defines sentinel events as occurrences to patients in medical facilities “…involving death or serious physical or psychological injury, or the risk thereof.”