AC Adapter Kit #SF371

Product Description

The AC adapter kit allows the standard SF370 sensor faucet to be modified and run off of a standard 120 VAC electrical system. The kit includes a transformer and adapter, which is inserted where the current batteries are located on the solenoid. The modification is simple and can be done in just a few minutes. As with all sensor faucet installations this should be enclosed with a secure trap cover under the sink to prevent tampering. If the 110v outlet is under the sink, by code it will have to be on a ground fault interrupter. The preferred method would be to mount the 110v outlet above a secure ceiling and have the low voltage wire come down inside the wall to exit under the sink adjacent to the faucet.

• No batteries to maintain.

• Conversion kit plugs directly into standard 110V outlet.

• Low voltage wire that can be hidden in the wall for applications where the 110V supply will be available above the ceiling in the corridor.

• Length of low voltage wire is approximately 10 feet long.

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