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How Installing Touchless Faucets Can Help Your Facility with Infection Control


A patient’s health and safety in a behavioral healthcare setting is more important than ever right now. There are three key actions to take when considering the safety of your facility amidst the COVID-19 pandemic:

1. Utilize proper handwashing techniques for your staff.

The CDC outlines several ​handwashing techniques​, including when to wash your hands, how to wash your hands, and why. Make sure to encourage these practices with both staff and patients. While handwashing is preferred, also provide hand sanitizer stations throughout the behavioral health facility.

2. Make sure to sanitize the facility common area frequently.

Most medical professionals agree that sanitizing every few hours is a good frequency during the day. Common area couches or seating, dining tables, and waiting room areas are common touch points that should be cleaned often. It is also very important to sanitize door handles, elevator door buttons, and pens that multiple people touch in a day. The CDC also offers ​cleaning and disinfecting techniques for facilities.

3. Use contact free and sensor activated devices.

Using contact free or touchless devices such as touch-free faucets, automatic toilets, and sensor paper towel dispensers can help reduce the possibility of the spread of germs, especially in a patient’s bathroom. As trends show, ​bathroom design will evolve​ in the post-COVID-19 world to incorporate more touchless technology. The less surfaces touched by staff and patients, the better, as it continues to ​help stop the spread of infections​.

One of the simplest contact free devices to install is a touchless sensor faucet. In facilities where mental health is a concern, it’s also important to keep in mind potential ligature points on any device. Ligature resistant products can help with this, such as a ligature resistant touchless faucet. These types of faucets are touch free, mess free, and more sanitary for your facility.

Behavioral Safety Products is one of the leading innovators in the Behavioral Healthcare industry. Recently, it has improved on its industry leading, patented ​Ligature Resistant Sensor Faucet​ with the introduction of the new SF400 model. The SF400 features an improved sensor module design with updated operating mechanisms including the electronic module, solenoid, and power pack and comes with standard in-line filters. The model has the same sloped and rounded profile as the previous model, keeping the design ligature resistant.

The touchless activation is ADA compliant and will help with infection control. This sensor faucet has a programmed vandal protection maximum run time of 60 seconds. This product is certified by IAPMO to meet UPC and ASME codes, along with AB 1953 California and National low-lead requirements. It also has the Gold Seal of Approval from the NYS Office of Mental Health Patient Safety Standards, Materials and Systems Guidelines.

If you are looking for a hands-free, touchless faucet that will help with infection control and that’s easy to install, look no further than Behavioral Safety’s SF400 Sensor Faucet.