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 Behavioral Safety Products offers the newest edition to their Behavioral Safety product line, the PH235 Ligature Resistant Paper Towel Holder. 

With the demand continuing to be high for paper towels, the ligature resistant PH235 can help facilities cut down on paper towel waste without compromising safety or adding extra maintenance.

The PH235 Ligature Resistant Paper Towel Holder is a smaller version of its companion product, the PH240. The smaller PH235 can hold up to 6.5″ diameter x 8.5″ tall “center pull” paper towel rolls and is excellent for ADA bathrooms that require an open & spacious area. The PH235 fully encapsulates a paper towel roll which ensures sanitary use. Unlike the PH240, the newer PH235 is surface-mounted, which significantly reduces installation time. The unit is constructed of a inch polycarbonate frosted front cover and transparent viewing window for staff inspection. The conical, ligature-resistant outlet of the dispenser allows patients to tear paper towels cleanly. This feature can minimize waste and helps prevent the stashing of contraband. The PH235 dispenser includes mounting hardware and can be retrofitted to existing rooms or installed in new facilities.

Compatible Paper Towel Rolls

  • Georgia Pacific SofPull Junior GP28125Uline EzPull Junior S-13796
  • Vondrehle CP320 / CP264 / 4400
  • Boardwalk BWK6405

Other towels may be suitable if they meet size requirements.

Behavioral Safety Products draws from its forty-four years of experience in the behavioral healthcare built environment to design its exclusive ligature-resistant building products. We continue to innovate to meet the new challenges that the industry faces and strive to develop technically sound, aesthetically pleasing, and economically viable products for behavioral healthcare safety.

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