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BSP’s Product Highlight Sheet

BSP is a single source of suicide prevention safety products for the behavioral-psychiatric industry, offering the highest degree of safety, functionality, and aesthetically pleasing environments for patients.

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Ligature Resistant Towel Hook #TH770

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Ligature Resistant Towel Hook TH770 Angle View | Behavioral Safety Products

Ligature Resistant Towel Hook TH770 Side View | Behavioral Safety ProductsLigature Resistant Towel Hook TH770 Front View | Behavioral Safety ProductsLigature Resistant Towel Hook TH770 Rubber Closeup | Behavioral Safety Products

Ligature Resistant Towel Hook TH770 Angle View | Behavioral Safety ProductsLigature Resistant Towel Hook TH770 Angle View | Behavioral Safety Products

Product Description

No bathroom is complete without a towel hook. Our patented ligature resistant Towel Hook is designed to hold towels or articles of clothing, while still maintaining secure conditions in behavioral hospital settings where ligature is a concern.
The TH770 Ligature Resistant Towel Hook is designed with a sloped face and sides to minimize ligature points. The pivoting half-moon-shaped holder offers a larger cross section as compared to other products, minimizing the potential for patient injury. The specially designed center grip creates friction on the article hung on the holder for better hold. The holder pivots downward when a force exceeding an unsafe weight is placed on it to help limit any possibility of ligature. When installed with the included hardware, the base fits snugly against the wall, and when mounted with pick-free caulk, the sloped base also discourages ligature.
Constructed of white powder-coated, aircraft grade aluminum for abuse and corrosion resistance, the TH770 Ligature Resistant Towel Hook will perform well in the often damp bathroom environment. The holder includes tamper resistant mounting hardware and can be retrofitted to existing rooms or installed in new facilities. Upgrade your facility’s bathrooms today with our TH770 Ligature Resistant Towel Hook.


  • Pivoting half-moon shape deters ligature.
  • Center grip allows for optimal hold.
  • Sloped faces to prevent ligature points.
  • No sharp edges or points for safety.
  • Constructed of matte white-powdercoated, aircraft-grade aluminum for abuse and corrosion resistance
  • Returns to original position after releasing heavy objects.
  • Meets ADA standards when installed at the heights required for ADA compliance.
  • Comes with mounting hardware to attach it to the wall in either new or existing buildings.
  • Patented design.


Our RecentTestimonials

  • David Bean CHFM, FMP

    Regional Corporate Manager of Facilities UHS
    Behavioral Safety Products “BSP” is one of the preferred vendors for UHS ligature resistant products. I have worked with David DeLoache and his team over the past 9 years, utilizing many of their products within our facilities. They are continuously evaluating the challenging needs of the behavioral environment and creating new products to meet our hospital needs.

    Amber Siegfried, LPC, CBIS

    Assistant Director
    Tulsa Center for Behavioral Health
    Oklahoma Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services
    I am pleased to share with you and your team that we have had a highly positive experience with BSP. Your team has been very patient and responsive to our questions, our mistakes and our needs. Many of the products involved very specific details and the team at BSP went above and beyond to explain each specification and double check my work. We greatly appreciate all you have done for us and I’m sure will continue to do!
  • Jason Terranova

    I greatly appreciate the assistance the team at BSP has provided us throughout the course of design and into construction. You have been very patient with what may have seemed like never-ending questions. I find it invaluable to have vendors, such as BSP, who are patient, thorough, and take the time to understand our project needs. Vendors like you keep owners and architects happy and ultimately help make the project a success.

    Chief Executive Officer

    Banner Health
    The team at Behavioral Safety Products has been a terrific partner in our efforts to update our older behavioral health inpatient units. Many of the units have dated spaces that have odd fixtures and required retrofitting to be installed. They have helped us on multiple projects and even worked with their distributor to speed up delivery time in order for us to meet internal deadlines. BSP has been a pleasure to work with and a great resource for our facilities team.